Adding/Editing an Article

The first step in writing a new article is clicking Create New Article on the User Toolbar:

Or, if a user wishes to edit an article, the first step is clicking edit on the article view:

This will open the article editing page. Here, the user is presented with several fields:


Other documents or web pages that are relevant to the article. Valid resources include images, URLs, CAD files, documents, and YouTube videos. If an image is uploaded, it can be set to be the main article image, appearing prominently with the article.


The user must choose tags to identify the article. Seven categories are available to be chose (Competitions, Electrical, Fundraising, Leadership, Mechanical, Outreach, and Programming). Articles must have at least one tag.


The title of the article being written. The title may not exceed 64 characters.


A brief summary of the article. This is important, as it allows other users to understand what the article will be covering at a quick glance. This is also what is displayed when users are searching or browsing for articles.


The body of the article. A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is provided to allow rich formatting in the article. Please make sure to follow the Article Style Guidelines when formatting your article.

Viewing an Article

Attached Assets

Any documents, images, or other assets the author may have attached to the article. URLs will open a new web page, while files will be prompted for download.


"The Average Rating" is the average of all user ratings on the article. "Your Rating" allows the user to assign his or her own rating to the article. This can be changed at a later date; for example, after a revision to the article.

Author Info Box

Displays the name of the author, their bio, and lists any other contributing authors to the article.


Allows a user to submit their revision to the article.


If a user wishes to join an organization, they must first view the organization page. This can be found by going to Organizations in the User Toolbar and locating the desired organization on the page. Once viewing the page, the user can click join to request membership in the group. However, before full membership can be bestowed, the head of the organization must approve the user. When this has been done, the user will be informed via an email, confirming membership in the organization. Users must be a part of at least one organization in order to submit and revise articles.

Editing your Profile

Every user should have a short biography describing the user's education, background, and/or experience. This helps other users identify individuals who have experience in different fields. This can be edited on the Edit Profile page found on the User Toolbar. From here, the user can enter a short biography describing themselves.

Article Drafts

On the My Drafts page, the user can view all drafts of articles the user has written. Articles listed under the headline My Drafts are articles or revisions the user has written, but not submitted for approval. If a user wishes to discard a draft, he or she must view the article in article view, and click Cancel Edit above the article title. Drafts listed under My Drafts Awaiting Approval are drafts which have been submitted, but have not been (fully) approved by moderators. The article will not be publicly viewable until it leaves this queue.