Think Tank Style Guide

Articles on the site need to be and easy to read, navigate and must look professional. Please follow these guidelines when submitting new or revised articles.

Article Titles and Headings

  • Titles and headlines should be short and concise. Titles are limited to 64 characters.
  • The first letter of a title or headline is always capitalized, unless it is part of a proper noun (ie. eBay).
  • Titles and headlines should always be mixed case (never all capitals).
  • Avoid using the same title that another article on the site is using.
  • Avoid using the same headline that is used elsewhere in the article.
  • Never make a title or headline a link.
  • Headlines should go in order, with Headline 1 being the top level. This is necessary in order for the Table of Contents to auto-generate correctly.

General Formatting

  • Use italicized text, not capital letters, for emphasis.
  • Numbered lists should be used only when there is an order to the list. All other lists should use bullet points.
  • Follow proper grammar and paragraph formatting.