190 WPI & Mass Academy
971 Spartan Robotics

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Evan is a Junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has been involved in FIRST since 2005, and is currently a mentor for Team 190 and Team 971. Evan was president of Team 971 in 2006, and is the current Chief of Tactics on Team 190.

Creating Tomorrow's Leaders

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Author: Kimberly O'Toole In order for students to be effective in tomorrow's world, they will not only need engineering & technical skills, but people and leadership skills too. Our team ran a Leadership Boot Camp for all of our team leaders & subteam leaders early in the year. This presentation will give you the tools to set up a leadership team and run our Leadership Boot Camp for your team members. As a note, this boot camp is effective for both students & adults, as it is a compilation of much of my past leadership training & research.

2007 Seminar on how to train team members to be effective leaders. Attached are  the presentation slides, the Bootcamp supplement and a video of the full presentation.

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