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Mentor for FRC Team 190, mostly interested in programming and sensor operation. Assisting with the software implementation of the new FRC control system.

Video Training for the Control System

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There have been a number of training events that happened at WPI around the FRC Control System. This articles describes some of those videos with links to view them.

Training Videos

There are a number of training videos that were created around the FRC Control System to help teams get started. Some of the videos were created using the Echo360 system at the WPI studio that creates multiple output formats for different applications. There are two basic formats posted here:

  • Rich media - requires an internet connection and you can see the presentation and the speakers at the same time
  • Vodcast - an MP4 file suitable for playing on an iPOD or other portable media player

The Echo360 videos currently available are listed here:

Vision Processing in C Beth Finn, BAE Systems - Rich media Vodcast
This video discusses the use of the Axis 206 camera supplied with the kit. Also aqiring image data and finding and tracking colored objects in the scene is covered. There is sample C++ code shown.

LabVIEW Encoder Example Thomas Dohse, NI and Brad Miller, WPI- Rich media Vodcast
The use of an optical encoder with a simple algorithm for driving a known distance is shown. LabVIEW is used to determine the encoder characteristics, then the program is created using that data.

LabVIEW Code Walk-through Thomas Dohse, NI - Rich media Vodcast
Walk-thru of the basic LabVIEW program shown in the previous example. This example shows how the basic framework is set up and how to edit the program to add a very basic autonomous routine. In addition use of the driver station joysticks and basic robot drive is shown.

My first LabVIEW Program Thomas Dohse, NI - Rich media Vodcast
This example walks through the creation of one of the sample programs in LabVIEW. The program is built and downloaded to the cRIO. Deployment is also shown so that the program can run after rebooting controller.

Reimaging the cRIO Thomas Dohse, NI- Rich media Vodcast
This is  a discussion of how to reimage the cRIO with new firmware. Reimaging is required as new firmware versions are release, and is required, at least, to get the newly shipped controller to the current version. The reimaging tool is also used to change the laguage being developed from LabVIEW to C++ and back.

Error Handling and Utilities in WPI Robotics Library Beth Finn, BAE Systems - Rich media Vodcast
Error handing in C/C++ as well as use of many utility routines, and vision processing errors are discussed.

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