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Joystick Filters in LabVIEW

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A short list of options to adjust the sensitivity of joysticks, with a focus on maintaining traction for Lunacy.

A common request this year for programmers is to turn down the sensitivity of the drive motors so that the drivers can maintain traction easier. In an effort to learn LabVIEW, I have tried several different methods, which I share in the attached document. Not all of these methods are “good”, but they are enumerated for completeness. Please note that I am a novice LabVIEW programmer, so please feel free to correct/modify/add-to this article and its attached document. Also, if you find a new method, please contribute it!

The methods described in the attached document are:

Coercion – “How do I make the motor never go faster than X?”
Linear Map – “How do I rescale the Joystick?”
Selectable Map – “How do I toggle my scaling?
Slew Rate – “How do I limit the rate of change?”
Low Pass Filtering – “How do I do this with more awesome?”


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