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The Robotics Resource Center at WPI is designed to provide support to on-campus and off-campus activities and groups for projects and competitive robotics. The RRC hosts a number of robotics events each year, provides guidance and materials for student projects, and supports the Robotics Engineering major. The staff consists of Ken Stafford, Brad Miller, and Colleen Shaver.

Team Continuity Plans: Business Plans to the Next Level

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Presentation given by FRC234 as part of the 2009 FIRST Robotics Conference sponsored by Rolls-Royce and WPI.

Many businesses have "Continuity Plans" that address risks to their ongoing operations and plans of actions to mitigate those risks. These plans address such events as weather, power outages, loss of key leaders, economic turmoil and other factors. Team 234 completed a process to define a Team Continuity Plan to identify and address the risks and issues that could impact the ongoing operation of the team. This process was based on a corporate model. This presentation will step through the process used by the team, show the major risks that were identified and the actions in place or planned to address those risks and their impacts.

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