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The Robotics Resource Center at WPI is designed to provide support to on-campus and off-campus activities and groups for projects and competitive robotics. The RRC hosts a number of robotics events each year, provides guidance and materials for student projects, and supports the Robotics Engineering major. The staff consists of Ken Stafford, Brad Miller, and Colleen Shaver.

Building a Subversion Server

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Presentation given by Hugh Meyer as part of the 2009 FIRST Robotics Conference sponsored by Rolls-Royce and WPI.

This session shows you how to build your own Subversion server. You will learn what is required to take almost any computer and convert it to a powerful code repository system using free software. Subversion is a free and open source version control system. It manages files and directories, and the changes made to them, over time. You can recover older versions of your robot code or examine the history of how your code changed. Many people think of Subversion as a sort of giant “Edit Undo.” Subversion operates across networks, which allows programmers to use it on different computers anywhere they have internet access. Student programmers can work at home or in the shop and mentors can review code as needed from where ever they want. Subversion supports simultaneous editing of your robot code by multiple programmers. Without a good version control system this is a common cause of lost work. Changes can result in overwritten code and wasted time resolving conflicts. Subversion supplies the infrastructure to prevent these scenarios and notify programmers that they need to combine or merge changes. In many cases Subversion will seamlessly merge the code without user interruption. You may be surprised how inexpensive and straight forward it is to move your programming team to the next level by using Subversion. If you are not using a version control system, you should be! This session will show you how.

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