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The Robotics Resource Center at WPI is designed to provide support to on-campus and off-campus activities and groups for projects and competitive robotics. The RRC hosts a number of robotics events each year, provides guidance and materials for student projects, and supports the Robotics Engineering major. The staff consists of Ken Stafford, Brad Miller, and Colleen Shaver.

Grant Writing for Robotics

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Author: Powell

As a NASA Explorer School, Baker Middle has had many opportunities to make use of their technology grants. This article will highlight the corporate sponsor initiatives received by the City of Baker Schools, Baker Middle in particular, to receive technology. We will mention best techniques on how to develop and maintain partnerships with corporations. Baker Middle has been successful with help from Honeywell, Northwestern State University, Southern University, Motorola, ExxonMobil Corporation, the Michael Jordan Fundamentals Grant, Apple Computers, and Coca-Cola. Information has been obtained by a teacher who worked for a state department of education for three years, attended NASA Explorer Schools Sustainability Program and successfully written for over $25,000 of grants and services this year.

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