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The Robotics Resource Center at WPI is designed to provide support to on-campus and off-campus activities and groups for projects and competitive robotics. The RRC hosts a number of robotics events each year, provides guidance and materials for student projects, and supports the Robotics Engineering major. The staff consists of Ken Stafford, Brad Miller, and Colleen Shaver.

Wiring an FRC Robot

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Authors: Michael Dessingue, Alan Skierkiewicz

Michael Dessingue and Alan Skierkiewicz, both long time FIRST veterans will discuss electrical strategies, design, wiring and termination techniques for efficient and robust robot electrical systems. Discussion will include layout, mounting techniques, wire choice and termination, component position and use and tooling choices. Included will be discussions on the new terminal blocks, common mistakes and misinformation, and a simple method for determining voltage losses in electrical wiring and how these losses affect the RC and motor operation. A comprehensive list of part numbers for tools and components used in the demonstration will also be provided.

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