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Arthur Dutra III is a graduate of Waterbury State Technical College. He has worked for a municipal electric utility as a distribution engineer for over 20 years. He started volunteering with FIRST as a FLL coach. In two seasons as coach his team was able to win three awards at the Connecticut FLL Championships. He has mentored with FRC team 228, Gus Robotics, for 6 years, started 1 FTC team, 3 FLL teams, and has served on the Connecticut FTC Planning Committee for 2 years. He has volunteered at the Hartford FRC Regional for field setup, the CT FVC/FTC Championships as Head Scorekeeper, FRC Championships on the field crew, and the FVC/FTC Championships as a Referee and Robot Inspector.

Low Cost Robotics: Using Vex in FRC Prototyping

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FRC Team 228, Gus Robotics, has been using the Vex Robotics Design System to build prototype models of its FRC robots since 2005.

This 2005 seminar outlines the use of the Vex Robotics Design System to build 1/3 scale models of designed or proposed FRC robots. These robots are prototyping tools, prototype autonomous code test platforms, testbeds for competing designs, driver practice tools, used in game strategy evaluations, and safe public demonstrators. The small size of the robots, playing field components, and the entire playing field, allow for ease of transport and storage. Teams with limited budgets and space can now build, practice on, and store an entire FRC playing field in 1/3 scale.

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