Delphi & Kokomo HS

Long Name: FRC 45

Team Number: 45


Main Contact: David Brown


Andy Baker

Amy Przybylinski

I am currently a mechanical engineer at Delphi and a team leader for TechnoKats team 45. I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor's in ME in 2000. I have been part of the Boilermaker Regional planning committee since it's inception, and for the past 3yrs have been chairperson.

Alan Anderson

I'm an engineer with Delphi in Kokomo, Indiana. I have been the software mentor for the TechnoKats (FRC Team 45) since 2004, when my son was a Freshman at Kokomo High School. In 1981, as a member of the University of Illinois Synton Amateur Radio Club, I programmed the communications and control system of a radio-controlled mobile robotic platform for an Engineering Open House demo. [old-fogey]I was writing software for teleoperated robots before any of you kids were born![/old-fogey]

David Brown