ThinkTank Development Team

Long Name: ThinkTank Development Team


Main Contact: Nicholas Galotti


Piotr Mardziel

Former student on team 190.

Nicholas GalottiNicholas Galotti

Nick Galotti graduated from WPI in 2005 with a degree in Computer Science. He has been involved in FIRST robotics since 1997 and now advises a team out of Burncoat High School in Worcester, MA. He is also active in FLL by writing the scoring software for all the Massachusetts tournaments and advising a team out of Burncoat Middle School. He also helped write and manage the ThinkTank.

Robotics Resource Center (WPI)

The Robotics Resource Center at WPI is designed to provide support to on-campus and off-campus activities and groups for projects and competitive robotics. The RRC hosts a number of robotics events each year, provides guidance and materials for student projects, and supports the Robotics Engineering major. The staff consists of Ken Stafford, Brad Miller, and Colleen Shaver.

Colleen ShaverColleen Shaver

Colleen Shaver, Assistant Director, WPI Robotics Resource Center. Student & driver on FRC126 (1996-1999), a mentor on FRC246 (2000), and is a mentor on FRC190 (2001-present). MA FLL Operational Partner. Event Volunteer since 2001.

Luke Salsich

Jennifer FlynnJennifer Flynn

Member of the think tank development team.