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Building a Subversion Server by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Presentation given by Hugh Meyer as part of the 2009 FIRST Robotics Conference sponsored by Rolls-Royce and WPI.

Engineer & Student Dynamics by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Presented by Dana Henry, FRC839 & FIRST Senior Mentor, and Steve Cremer, FIRST Regional Director, at the 2012 FRC Kickoff Workshops.

The presentation with audio is available through the link(s) on the right. Due to internet connectivity issues during recording, it is possible that some videos may have low quality audio at times, cut in and out, or not show video at all times.

The video links on the right likely required the GoToMeeting codec to be downloaded in order to be viewed successfully. Due to this, some Apple machines and products may have difficulty viewing, although we are working on creating Mac-friendly copies. To download the codec, go to https://www2.gotomeeting.com/codec?Portal=www.gotomeeting.com

Team Websites in a Social World by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Presentation from the 2011 FRC Kickoff Workshop by Nick Galotti,

The Baltimore Area Alliance: A Model for FIRST by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Paul Harris

2008 Presentation on formation and mission of the Baltimore Area Alliance