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Axis 206 Camera Green Lamp Imaging by Dave Doerr
The Axis 206 Network Camera can be used to image the green cold-cathode lamp used in the 2006 and 2007 FRC games, but the default camera settings do not work well for that application. To complicate matters, the camera interface does not provide a method to directly set the camera to work well with the FRC green lamp. This article explains why the default settings do not work well and how to indirectly change the settings for excellent green lamp imaging.

Programming a Holonomic Drive by
Authors: Dan Jones and Ryan O'Meara

A holonomic drive system offers several advantages over a traditional drive system. This article covers programming the algorithms for such a system, as well as touching upon driver oriented control using a gyro.

Simplistic Control of Mecanum Drive by Ian McInerney
Mecanum drive is a very popular drive system which allows for increased maneuverability on the playing field. With code being included by default, little understanding of the underlying principles of mecanum drive is required to control it. This article provides the algorithms used to control it, and the derivation of those algorithms.