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2005 Chairman's Video by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: FRC 67 H.O.T.

The video made of 2005 Championship Chairman's Award Winners, Team 67, The Heroes of Tomorrow.

At The Event: Alliances, Eliminations and Scouting by Evan Morrison
2008 Workshop slides covering the basics of the FRC competition format and what every team should know to be competetive.

At the Event: Pit Setup, Inspection, and Judging by Evan Morrison
This presentation explains the procedure teams are required to perform in order to compete at a regional competition. It starts with a list of items each team should bring to a competition.

At the Event: Pit Setup, Inspection, and Judging by Evan Morrison
2008 Workshop covering the inspection and judging processes at competition, as well as good pit practices.

Brainstorming by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Paul Ventimiglia

A 2008 Rookie Workshop covering basic brainstorming techniques.

Building a FIRST Robotics Team Utilizing the VEX System and Reco by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Authors: Ken and Donna Rillings

A 2007 presentation on successful use of the VEX platform as a gateway to FRC.

Collaborative Problem Solving by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Bill Hommes

2005 presentation covering FRC 365's method of brainstorming and selecting a robot design.

Designing Competitive Manipulators: The Mechanics & Strategy by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Greg Needel

2008 presentation on manipulator design, from both strategy and mechanical design standpoints.

Effective FIRST Strategies by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Kangasabapathy

This presentation offers a variety of strategies for different portions of the FRC season, starting with methods of selecting a design then moving on to optimizing match strategies.

Events 101 by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Presentation from the 2011 FRC Rookie Workshop by Kathie Kentfield (FIRST Senior Mentor), Dana Henry (Assistant Regional Director, Western MA), and Lynne Henry (FRC839 Team Mentor).

Fast Track Your Robot Design by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Presented by Phil Dollan, Autodesk, at the 2012 FRC Kickoff Workshops.

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FIRST Values by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) is all about values. This attempts to define these values and how they affect the people involved in FIRST.

Flight Test Principles Applied to FIRST by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Steven R. Jacobson

2005 Presentation on testing methodology

FRC 2010 5thGear Simulation by
The 5thGear FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) strategy and driver training simulation/tool has been updated to simulate the 2011 FRC game, Logomotion. With continuing support from Lockheed Martin, volunteers annually improve the simulator; and once again, together with FIRST and WPI, they are offering the simulator for FRC Teams and other users to freely download. In an expansion of last FRC season's similar activities, Lockheed Martin and volunteers intend to use 5th Gear in exhibitions and informal tournaments at many FRC regional tournaments and off-season events.

Improving FIRST Design Book Submission by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Authors: Wilczynski, Slezycki

The book "FIRST Robots: Behind the Design" profiles award winning teams from the FIRST Robotics Competition. The selected teams won one of the engineering design awards during the FIRST Robotics Competition season. Teams were selected for publication based on the quality of their submitted images and text that collectively told the story how the team progressed from idea to realization of their design. The purpose of the article is to inform teams how to increase the competitiveness of their submissions. Images submitted for the 2006 competition will be presented to illustrate the types of graphics that are most appealing for publication. Examples will be presented to highlight how an effective "design summary" can be created to best tell the team's story for building their FRC robot.

Innovation Hour: Team 190 by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Team 190

Some FIRST teams believe that innovation is more important than winning a competition or any award. This article by Team 190 explains their tradition of innovation. Also included is the team's method of “wowing” the competition.

Innovation Hour: Team 25 by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Team 25

2007 Presentation by Team 25 on the development of their drivetrain

Innovative Design and Prototyping by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Dan Larochelle

Presentation by Dan Larochelle as part of the 2009 FIRST Kickoff Workshops regarding FRC 40's innovative process for designing their robot and developing scale prototypes.

Low Cost Robotics: Using Vex in FRC Prototyping by Arthur Dutra III
FRC Team 228, Gus Robotics, has been using the Vex Robotics Design System to build prototype models of its FRC robots since 2005.

Running a 5th Gear Simulation Tournament by
This article is a resource for regionals looking to set up a demonstration tournament with the 5th Gear Simulator.

Safety First by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Authors: Kirksey, Marshall

Safety is the most important concern in FIRST. This presentation shows the most common safety hazards as well as how to avoid them. This includes guidelines for competitions as well as ways of increasing the safety of your own team's shop.

Strategy, Game Play and Effective Design by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Strategy is essential to a successful FIRST team. This presentation describes strategies that can be used in each portion of the season, from dissecting the game to scouting to alliance selection to game play.

Team Code of Conduct by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Each team has a different method of organization. This is the team handbook of FRC Team 172, which has been provided for the use of other teams as a template for the creation of their own handbook to organize their team.

Team Organization by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Team 467, Duct Tape Bandits, offer their team handbook, which outlines team organization and requirements in the hope that it will help other teams.

Team Spirit Presentation by Nicholas Galotti
A presentation given at the 2008 Rookie Workshops in Manchester, New Hampshire to give rookie teams an idea of what happens at competitions and how to prepare for them. The presentation covers choosing team names, team colors, t-shirts, and what buttons are.

Team Websites in a Social World by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Presentation from the 2011 FRC Kickoff Workshop by Nick Galotti,

Underwater FIRST? FIRST Teams in the National Underwater Robotic by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
The experience a team goes through in FIRST enables teams to enter other robotics competitions and be very successful. Using Innovation FIRST robot control systems, a team need only acquire a few more components to build an underwater robot to compete in the National Underwater Robotics Challenge. The competition is hosted by FRC team 842, previously featured in Wired Magazine and ABC Nightline and team 1290 in a collaborative effort to get FIRST teams involved in a new “angle” in robotics competitions. FRC team 842 has been one of the top underwater robot teams in the country for 3 years straight, beating teams like MIT. This presentation will show teams how they can use their FIRST training to use FRC and FVC control systems to operate an ROV, or remotely operated vehicle. The basics of ROV design and operation will be covered as well as the parameters of the competition.