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Axis 206 Camera Green Lamp Imaging by Dave Doerr
The Axis 206 Network Camera can be used to image the green cold-cathode lamp used in the 2006 and 2007 FRC games, but the default camera settings do not work well for that application. To complicate matters, the camera interface does not provide a method to directly set the camera to work well with the FRC green lamp. This article explains why the default settings do not work well and how to indirectly change the settings for excellent green lamp imaging.

Calibrating the Axis 206 camera for Green Light tracking. by Phil Malone
Initial experiments during beta testing showed that this camera had difficulty with the FRC green (cold cathode) target light because the camera saw the localized brightness of the light as white. This apparent “white” color made target discrimination difficult. Unfortunately there is no programmatic way to instruct the camera to reduce its exposure enough for the target light to be seen as “green”.

This document describes one method to “trick” the camera into running with the appropriate exposure. The process involves placing the camera in “Auto Exposure” mode while completely filling the camera’s field of view with the green target light. Once the camera has automatically reduced the exposure to the point where the light appears green, the exposure is set to “Hold Current” which locks-in the desired exposure. Since this setting is non-volatile, as long as the robot program does not put the camera back in Auto Exposure, the software will be able to identify and track the target light.