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Grant Writing for Robotics by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Powell

As a NASA Explorer School, Baker Middle has had many opportunities to make use of their technology grants. This article will highlight the corporate sponsor initiatives received by the City of Baker Schools, Baker Middle in particular, to receive technology. We will mention best techniques on how to develop and maintain partnerships with corporations. Baker Middle has been successful with help from Honeywell, Northwestern State University, Southern University, Motorola, ExxonMobil Corporation, the Michael Jordan Fundamentals Grant, Apple Computers, and Coca-Cola. Information has been obtained by a teacher who worked for a state department of education for three years, attended NASA Explorer Schools Sustainability Program and successfully written for over $25,000 of grants and services this year.

Improving FIRST Design Book Submission by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Authors: Wilczynski, Slezycki

The book "FIRST Robots: Behind the Design" profiles award winning teams from the FIRST Robotics Competition. The selected teams won one of the engineering design awards during the FIRST Robotics Competition season. Teams were selected for publication based on the quality of their submitted images and text that collectively told the story how the team progressed from idea to realization of their design. The purpose of the article is to inform teams how to increase the competitiveness of their submissions. Images submitted for the 2006 competition will be presented to illustrate the types of graphics that are most appealing for publication. Examples will be presented to highlight how an effective "design summary" can be created to best tell the team's story for building their FRC robot.