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Building High Tech Homes For Poor Families by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Authors: Pirelli, Roehl

Members of the Deerfield High FIRST team built the prototype Arial Home in one day. The goal is to obtain funding from major Foundations for the cost of the materials, at $10,000 per house. FIRST teams will raise money for their travel expenses to Indian reservations, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, or anywhere the need exists. Students will provide the expertise and labor to assemble the homes.

Charting a Political Course by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: FRC 839 Rosie Robotics

From the 2008 Resource Workshops, this presentation covers how political action can benefit your team and raise community awareness.

Developing a Profitable Golf Tournament by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Authors: FRC 364

2005 presentation on running a golf tournament fundraiser

Forming A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit For A Robotics Team by Arthur Dutra III
This document outlines the work Gus Robotics Team, Inc. has gone through to obtain 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation status. It is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or tax advice.

Fundraising: Care and Feeding of Sponsors by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Authors: Matt Fultz, David HOff

Sponsors are essential to the creation and maintenance of any FIRST team. This article presents a framework for team expectations including different types of sponsors as well as methods of recruiting and maintaining sponsors.

Grant Writing for Robotics by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Powell

As a NASA Explorer School, Baker Middle has had many opportunities to make use of their technology grants. This article will highlight the corporate sponsor initiatives received by the City of Baker Schools, Baker Middle in particular, to receive technology. We will mention best techniques on how to develop and maintain partnerships with corporations. Baker Middle has been successful with help from Honeywell, Northwestern State University, Southern University, Motorola, ExxonMobil Corporation, the Michael Jordan Fundamentals Grant, Apple Computers, and Coca-Cola. Information has been obtained by a teacher who worked for a state department of education for three years, attended NASA Explorer Schools Sustainability Program and successfully written for over $25,000 of grants and services this year.

How to Print Your Own T-shirts for Fun and Profit by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Rick Folea

This article will show you an easy and inexpensive way to print your own team T-Shirts. We will walk through the T-Shirt printing process with focus on step-by-step procedure for printing a simple T-Shirt. Each participant will print their own shirt to take with them. We will have extra shirts available for folks to purchase ($2.50) or you can bring your own.

How to Run a Spaghetti Supper by Nicholas Galotti
How to run a spaghetti supper based off of how Team 1735 has successfully run spaghetti suppers in the past.

How to Run a Summer Program for Profit Using the LEGO NXT by Nicholas Galotti
Information on how to run a summer program using the LEGO NXT kit as a fundraiser.

Innovative Fundraising by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Team 839

Fundraising is critical to the majority of FIRST teams. This article reveals the innovative techniques that are used by Rosie Robotics in the hope that other teams will be able to use these methods or variations thereof to raise funds.

Robotics Summer Camps for Fundraising and Promoting FIRST by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Wooten

The key to a sustainable FIRST team is to get students interested early. This presentation explains how to run a robotics summer camp that will both increase interest in robotics as well as raise money for the team. It also describes a number of other advantages of holding a camp as a fundraiser.

Team Continuity Plans: Business Plans to the Next Level by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Presentation given by FRC234 as part of the 2009 FIRST Robotics Conference sponsored by Rolls-Royce and WPI.

Team Handbook by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Each team has a different method of organization. This is the team handbook of FRC Team 45, which has been provided for the use of other teams as a template for the creation of their own handbook to organize their team.

Team Outline by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Many teams would like help organizing. Team 25, Raider Robotix, provides their team handbook, which outlines team accomplishments, organization and history in the hope that it will help other teams.

The Baltimore Area Alliance: A Model for FIRST by Robotics Resource Center (WPI)
Author: Paul Harris

2008 Presentation on formation and mission of the Baltimore Area Alliance